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The following are various services provided by Dr. Lori Romont, PhD, LP, LLC:


Mental Health Assessment/Evaluation: $600


An extensive report with diagnostic information and recommendations derived from clinical interviews and screening tools targeting psychosocial background and relevant history. 

Psychological Testing


Cognitive Battery: $1000

Diagnostic clarification primarily targeting intellectual ability, results from a mental health assessment/evaluation as well as validated and well-established achievement and cognitive ability testing.


Comprehensive Battery: $1700

Psychological testing that addresses a person’s complete psychosocial presentation involving mental health assessment/evaluation, cognitive testing, in addition to personality measures including self and parent report tools dedicated to further understanding personality.


Outpatient Therapy: $175/hour

Providing individual, couples, and family treatment in the family home or office using empirically supported treatment interventions.


Clinical Supervision: $50/hour

Involves individual clinical supervision either in your office or mine for a 45 minute session.

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